How to Watch Thursday Night Football Online

The Thursday Night Football games are just as important as other days’ games. It will become more prevalent if you are expecting your favorite team to play in the upcoming Thursday Night Football game. In some areas, however, you will not be able to catch up with the games through other than the TV cable.

Watch Thursday Night Football

Watch Thursday Night Football online

Well, actually you can cut the cord now and you don’t need any cable to catch up with these games. Even better, you can watch your favorite right from your favorite screen. You just need to prepare your compatible device plus the high speed internet connection. Yes, you can watch Thursday Night Football online anywhere. There is a decent list of the services that you can use for the kinds of NFL games.

Since the major games are mostly broadcasted by the popular TVs, the easiest option for you is by plug a digital TV in your smart TV device. However, not all folks can make it on time at home to follow all the games’ moments.

There are a lot of options to catch up with your favorite games. You could check DirecTV Now to watch the Thursday Night Football games, and others. DirecTV gives you the access to most channels which broadcast the NFL games like NBC, FOX, and CBS. for most major games, you will rest assured that you will get the access.

But you need to be considerate since not all users are offered with the local channels. This could be a problem for all streaming users. Before subscribing, you may need to confirm that there is a local channel availability there.

The other option to consider is Fubo TV which is a streaming TV service for sports fans. Fubo TV offers what you need to catch up with the upcoming games. The service offers around 70 channels. The good thing here is that you can use their free trial service and enjoy all the 70 channels. When the trial is up, you will be encouraged to upgrade the membership which costs $19 per month for the first two month, and then $39 per month after two months.

This service is amazing. It compiles the best channels such as CBS Sports, NBC Sports Network, as well as Fox Sports 1.

If you are not up to Fubo TV or DirecTV, you could consider using Hulu with Live TV. Hulu TV also offers popular TV channels which broadcast the major games for folks who are in love with this sport. It offers the access to all channels including NBC, FOX, and CBS. But the users of Hulu will also be able to use the on-demand services, which can be a good option if you miss the game at your part.

You can try the service for a week, then need to pay around $39 per month. For additional bucks, you can add the cloud DVR service which can be used if you miss some good moments in the game for various reasons. You could also use the DVR service to watch the halftime show again.

The other prevalent service to watch Thursday Night Football online is the Amazon Prime. For most football fans, Amazon Prime has been the great alternative to follow up their favorite games. You will get many perks when subscribing to Amazon Prime. Here you will be able to stream regular Thursday Night Football games.

One of the most popular options which you can also consider is Sling TV. It is also a great choice for those who want to watch Thursday Night Football games anywhere they want. Just like other option, you can make use of its 7 days trial to try all the channels selected in the markets. Keep in mind that you can only access to certain channels. To reveal more advanced features, you will need to subscribe to their service. It costs $25 per month after the trial for the high-tiered plan. Low-tiered plan costs around $20 per month, but it does not offer the network which shows the NFL games. By adding only $5 more, you can enjoy the service to the max extents.

If you are a Youtube user, you could make use of the Youtube service instead. Youtube TV has evolved for years to open much more capabilities for the users, including streaming TV. It costs $35 per month to high-tiered access along with the large cloud DVR capability. So, you won’t have to worry when you need to catch up with your favorite games.

Which one is your favorite?

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