Justin Timberlake to Perform at 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Most fans and the viewers remember that Justin Timberlake had ever performed in Halftime in 2001 and 2004. Then over a decade later, he will get back to the prestigious stage to entertain all the attendances as well as viewers around the world. He will headline the halftime show along with the other attractive performers. They will make the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show will be more memorable and fun.

Super Bowl 2018 Halftime Show

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2018

Justin Timberlake performed at the Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival back then on September 23rd, 2017. Since then, there have been many speculations about his performance in the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime.

Justin Timberlake gives few nodes and remembrances of what happened in the 2004 halftime. He was popular with the “Nipplegate” in the past. Over a decade after his controversial performance with Janet Jackson, The “Mirror” song singer is certainly taking the halftime show stage on February 4th, 2018 in Minneapolis. Although public does not forget about what happened back then, we can rest assured that most diehard fans of Timberlake will definitely wait for this spectacle.

His confirmed performance on the halftime was confirmed on Sunday night (October 22nd) before the Sunday Night Football. Of course, it has been good news for most football fans and Timberlake fans. He also noted that his performance would be different than before. He stated it when he paid a visit to the late-night show with Jimmy Fallon. The singer shared his enthusiasm for preparing the upcoming halftime show.

Viewers firstly see the cue when Justin Timberlake made an appearance during the 2017 Super Bowl commercials with Christopher Walken, for Bai Antioxidant Infusions water commercial. The ad was showing the fun gimmick of NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye.

Back then, Janet Jackson was headlining the halftime show. Justin Timberlake came as the surprise guest during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVII. At that time, Carolina Panthers took on New England Patriots at Reliant Stadium on February 1, 2004, in Houston, Texas.

There are sensible reasons why Justin Timberlake has to perform in 2018 Super Bowl Halftime show.

This halftime show will be the best opportunity for the singer to promote his new album. He is currently working on his fifth studio album. Although he does not release the music in the upcoming event, many folks expect that he would perform “Can’t stop the feeling” song. It was the rumor back then. But now Justin Timberlake performance has been confirmed by the NFL. Not to mention that the NFL tweeted about his set and stage. The halftime show has filled in Justin Timberlake as the headliner.

Folks had rumored his appearance in September when he hit the latest gig. Now, it has been confirmed. Well, it is very sensible given the fact that he has procured many hit songs. His catalog of hits is the solid proof of his proficiency in bringing the Halftime show in the next level. The 2018 Super Bowl Halftime has welcomed Timberlake to orchestrate the stage. What will be performed by this popular singer? See the moment of truth later on February 2018.

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