Panthers vs Falcons – The Things You Need to Know to Catch Up

Panthers will take on Falcons in the week 17. Here you are going to see the information about the picks, how to watch and stream the playoff. Both of the teams have a lot of games to play in the regular-season finale.

Panthers vs Falcons

Panthers vs Falcons Game Preview

It is pretty obvious for the Falcons. They need to win and they will be in the playoffs. If they lose, the other team will take their place. In this case, Atlanta will need the Seattle to lose to Arizona to reserve their spot. The Panthers are no.5 seed. But they have pretty big chance to take over the NFC South. There is a chance that they will conclude the week 17 with the first-round bye.

To be at the top of the division, the Panthers do not have another choice than winning. Not to mention that the Saints need to lose to the Buccaneers. For a first-round bye, Carolina has to win.

In another scenario, the Saints and Rams need to lose or tie, along with the loss of Vikings. There are a lot of things going on and it won’t be easy for the Panthers to manage it.

FOX is the exclusive broadcaster for this matchup. If you do subscribe to this channel, then you are in luck. If you are not up to rely on the TV cable, you could consider streaming your favorite game through fuboTV. The good thing about fuboTV is that you can try their 7-days trial before subscribing to the service.

At this moment, Falcons will really need every resource possible to make their Super Bowl run. Steve Sarkisian has been the replacement of Kyle Shanahan for a while. Indeed, the team will need more time to adjust to the transition. As the result, Falcons offense has been compromised for the first two months of the 2017 season. Falcons indeed have their good performance the recent weeks. However, they are hardly the same as the last year when their offense is ranked as no. 1.

But according to the statistic, their offense is still in the top 10. And just like what we always heard from the old folks: “Anything can happen in the field”. Both Panthers and Falcons truly believe this old saying. That’s why they won’t underestimate their opponents at all. Falcons lost to their opponent last week. Let’s admit it. It does not look good since the chance can be blown away for the NFC South Champs. Well, the teams have made their mind up. They have been agreeing in one objective, which is winning the week 17.
Matt Ryan stated that their team had the best week of preparation that they’d had all year. That was their mindset had to be. It’s reluctant to know the fact that the Falcons haven’t made appearances since 3 years stretch from 2010 to 2012.

Meanwhile, the Panthers can’t rest in their comfort zone. Some teams have been assured of their position in the postseason. This makes them rest their starters this week. But that can be a backward. Many teams will not be optimized in term of strategy and powers. Some teams may have peace of mind to rest their starters, but not with the Panthers. They still have many challenges to overcome. There are still many games to play. Although there is no confirmed news about how the coach Ron Rivera will bring this team on, the goal remains the same.

What the team and the fans want is to win this week game.
Let’s take a look at the previous meeting of these teams. In the Week 9 back then, the Falcons get the 10-0 lead before Panthers pay them back. And the Falcons come as the winner. In this case, however, it has been pretty challenging for all the players.

For now, though, the players are worried only about the Week 17 game.Meanwhile, the experts predict that the Falcons will not only win the upcoming game. But also attain four-point spread. Panthers are in the playoffs. In the opposite, Falcons will really need this to get their slot. That will give a morale boost for the Falcons’ rosters. Falcons at home. Many experts think that they will make it by getting the touchdown.

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