Your NFL Week 17 Expectation

With the speculations going on for the Week 17 games, we won’t lie to you. The NFL week 17 will not be as interesting as the previous week. There are only three NFL 12 playoff spots remain unclaimed until today. Meanwhile, the seven of the right division titles have been decided. The NFL week 17 is definitely a moment for the drama. All the games will be showcased in two relatively equal time slots on Sunday Afternoon.

NFL Week 17

So if you haven’t reserved your option to catch up with the games in the Week 17, you should prepare yourself right here, right now.

It is important to know that the AFC Home-field advantage will be conducted by the committee earlier. The AFC path will be quicker for New England if they beat the New York Jets. However, if the Patriots lose the game, The Steelers can use this as the jump stone for the no.1 seed as long as they win over their next opponent.

Both games are set to happen at 1 PM eastern time. We can’t deny that the difference between no.1 and no.2 seed has been quite distinct this season.

Winning or losing, the Vikings will probably lock up the first-round bye. It is a good news for the Vikings fans since the respective team has more chance to get the final first-round bye. They can manage it with a home victory over the Bears. Or, they can manage it if one of these scenarios happen:

1. The Falcons defeat the Panthers
2. The Saints wins over the Buccaneers
3. The Rams win over 49ers.
4. For the no.3 scenario, the fans of Vikings can’t expect more since the Rams had announced that they would bench their key players. However, you can monitor the other 2 games since these will be much more competitive.

We have heard enough about the AFC. Now it is the NFC South turn. The decision will apparently a bit late. The Saints can manage their fate easily in the last remaining division title. They can make it by winning over the Buccaneers. But they will need to be very careful. If they lose, The Panthers can replace them by winning over the Falcons. Those who win the game will get the privilege to play a home playoff game in the wild-card round. Both games happen at the same time. The Saints will be the division champions if both Carolina and New Orleans lost.

Meanwhile, it can be tough for Panthers to get to their path for the no. 2 Seed. We mentioned it before, there are plenty scenarios which can lead to the Vikings’ victory. But the Panthers can meddle in the business when winning over the Falcons. But it is in one condition. Panthers win, and the Saints, Vikings, and Rams lose. Then the Panthers would be a victory with Minnesota. There’s still a light of hope for the Panthers and their enthusiastic fans.

Now, let’s roll to the NFC’s second wild card. The Falcons will stand a chance if they win over the Panthers. In the other scenario, they can manage it if the Seahawks lose to the Cardinals at home. However, the result will go south if Falcons can’t win. This will let the Seahawks reach no.6 Spot with a win over the Cardinals. But if both Falcons and Seahawks lose, the wild-card will be owned by Atlanta.

We can’t deny that the AFC wildcard picture is a bit bigger than we expected back then. There are four teams that will compete to get the two remaining spots. The two of these teams apparently have more prospects in getting the slots. They have prominent advantages over the others.

The Ravens and the Titans are both in if they win the upcoming games. If the Baltimore Ravens can’t manage it, they will lose at home to the Cincinnati Bengals, and then the opportunity will be granted for Los Angeles Chargers. Meanwhile, if the Titans lose their home game against Jacksonville Jaguars, it will give the Buffalo Bills opportunity. There are a lot of scenarios that will be going on. All The relevant games start at 4:25 PM Eastern Time. But make sure that you will be ready in advance so that you won’t miss a single moment.

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