How to Watch Monday Night Football Online

If you are like many football fans, you will probably agree that using cable option is not getting any cheaper to catch up with the incredible matches. Well, you are not alone. Many people think that watching Monday Night Football can be pretty costly. Not to mention that if they have 9-5 job to do. It can be a challenge that they are reliant to the TV cable, since it is very expensive.

But you need to know the fact that it is getting easier from day to day to seek the alternative to follow up your favorite teams as well as favorite games. If you are not up to TV cable or satellite, you can watch Monday Night Football right from your favorite device.

Watch Monday Night Football

NFL has opened the access to all their fans to try some options for cord cutters users. For instance, we still remember that NFL worked together with Twitter to broadcast their 10 major games over the Twitter media platform. It was a breakthrough for all the social media users. In one side, it benefits the NFL since they can rely on the twitter users to use the social signals like sharing, retweeting, as well as liking. In the other side, it benefits the football fans who want to watch their favorite games for free. It is just one of the examples. You will also have peace of mind knowing the fact that there are tons of option to watch Monday Night Football right from your favorite devices. There is no string attached, really. All you need to prepare is just your PC or compatible device, and a decent internet connection.

Watch Monday Night Football Online

The Monday Night Football can be watched live on the internet. But for enjoying this, you will need to subscribe to certain services like Fox Sports Go, CBS All Access, Watch ESPN, and NBC Sports Live Extra. To get the access to those options, you will need to subscribe to their cables. However, you could also cut your TV cable subscription to save more and start using independent online streaming services like fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, Youtube TV,  Xbox, and even Playstation.

For fans who want to watch their favorite teams on Monday, the option is broad and abundant. Keep in mind that not all services are available in all countries. So, whatever the service that you are scouting, make sure you read all their terms and details before purchasing their service. There are many different ways to catch up with your favorite teams’ games in the NFL. You can tune in without cable TV.

You can even watch the Monday playoff via your phone device. Verizon, for instance, has been working together with the NFL to provide the best experience for Verizon subscribers to enjoy the NFL games without problem. Not to mention that it is not only limited to the Verizon subscribers, but also the other users. If you have the mobile phone or tablet, you can really do it. For Verizon users, you could stream the NFL games from the Yahoo! Sports app. FYI, Verizon has bought Yahoo!. So you can expect such a great service from this provider.

DirecTV is undoubtedly the best option for the local and national games. So, no matter what scale of the NFL games are, you can stick to thisservice to catch up with the upcoming game. DirecTV is a great option for most football fans who want to watch NFL games from their favorite devices. The service can be used from various devices including iOS, Android, Windows, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and consoles.

The only downside that we’d like to note is that this service is not for all folks. A residence is not eligible to use the service. You have to live in the multi-dwelling building like condos, villas, apartments, and so on. Not to mention that DirecTV only selects few cities and areas. So, make sure that your area is covered by the service.

If you have console like PlayStation, you could also consider using PlayStation Vue to watch Monday Night Football. But again, it will depend on your location. Make sure you check the area of coverage.

Sling TV can come in handy if you are mobile. The high-tiered package of the service offers you major channels which broadcast major games. Unfortunately, it does not offer CBS in their service.

Youtube TV can be a great option for those who usually use Youtube to watch various contents. If you are a Youtube users, Youtube TV can give you more easiness in accessing the NFL Monday Night Football games. The channels availability will depend on your location. Be meticulous when reading its service details. Good luck on your Monday Night Football time!

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